COVID tests are by appointment only.

For tests conducted after hours or on weekends, there will be an additional $50 after hours fee.

Lab PCR test: $55 (No charge for membership patients)
2-3 day results

This COVID-19 test detects genetic material of the virus using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Also called a molecular test, a health care worker collects fluid from a nasal swab. PCR tests are sent out to a lab and are felt to be 97% sensitive when compared to culture. A PCR is the current “gold standard” for testing and is generally the only test acceptable for travel requirements.

Rapid Antigen test: $110
15 minute results

This COVID-19 test detects certain proteins in the virus. Using a nasal to get a fluid sample, antigen tests can produce results in 15 minutes. Because these tests are faster than PCR tests, antigen tests may be more practical to use for large numbers of people but at the cost of slightly less sensitivity at 84% when compared to PCR .While a positive antigen test result is considered very accurate but there’s an increased chance of false-negative results — meaning it’s possible to be infected with the virus but have a negative result. Depending on the clinical scenario, your provider may recommend a PCR test to confirm a negative antigen test result.

Rapid Molecular Pcr– $210
30-Minute Results

We now offer a 30-minute PCR test, the newest available on the market. This is a nasal swab PCR test for COVID-19 with results available in thirty minutes. A PCR is the “gold standard” for testing and is used for proper diagnosis of COVID. Although this PCR is more expensive due to the specialty equipment it requires, the quick results make it possible to properly diagnose COVID without waiting in quarantine, or for your narrow travel requirement testing timeframe.

Rapid Respiratory Molecular (PCR) Panel Rapid – $335
1 Hour Results

We also offer a one-hour PCR test for clinical situations in which identification of a particular illness, whether it be COVID-19, another virus or a bacterial infection. This is a nasal swab PCR test for COVID-19, Influenza A & B, and a dozen other viruses and bacterial infections all in one swab. Results are available in under one hour. Although this PCR is more expensive due to the specialty equipment it requires, the quick results make it possible to properly diagnose an illness right away instead of waiting days in quarantine for the results and is appropriate in cases where it is important to differentiate between the similar symptoms of COVID and Flu and for clinical scenarios in which a rapid and highly sensitive test is relevant such as a child being sent home from school with a fever or cough.

For any symptomatic patients, a visit with a provider is critical; the above costs for testing are in addition to the cost of an office visit with a medical provider if you are being tested in relation to symptoms.

Rapid Antibody Serology Test: $85 for non-patients, $75 for membership patients)
15 minute results

This COVID-19 antibody test detects a certain level of antibodies in the blood, using a finger prick. Results of antibody tests indicate how many people had COVID-19 and recovered, including those who did not have symptoms. This aids in determining who might have immunity, though to what extent and for how long is not yet known. Also, it is currently felt that the duration of the antibody response correlates with the intensity of the symptoms – ie, if you had no symptoms, you may not have sustained antibodies where if you had a severe COVID course, they may remain positive for longer.

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